Other competent schemes

Grips and Crane Technicians

Grips are responsible for erecting, operating and supervising specialist equipment to achieve camera movements in film and TV production. Crane technicians operate camera cranes, under the supervision of a competent Grip.

There are three levels of qualification:-

  • Grip Advanced Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence – qualifies a Grip to supervise grips operations on a production whether as sole Grip (if working alone) or as First Grip or Key Grip (if working with others).
  • Grip Level 2 Diploma in Professional Competence– qualifies a Grip to work under the supervision of a First Grip or Key Grip.
  • Crane Technicians Level 2 Diploma in Professional Competence– qualifies a Crane Technician to operate camera cranes under the supervision of a First Grip or Key Grip.

The qualification and training are not overseen, managed, or delivered by JIGS. The qualifications are administered and delivered by the BUCKS College Group (BCG) who are the sole delivery centre in the UK authorised to award the ScreenSkills Grips & Crane Technicians qualifications.

The contact and qualifications coordinator is, Martin Horsted. His email is: mhorsted@buckscollegegroup.ac.uk


Bectu Logbook Stagehands Scheme (BLSS)

Stagehands’ responsibilities are wide and varied. Working closely with other departments, Stagehands are responsible for the transportation, erection and de-rig of scenery and set pieces within the studio or to other locations with the use of the appropriate machinery and lifting equipment whilst observing health and safety regulations. They also hang backing cloths, control waste, erect scenic backdrops, cover set pieces, manage the stock of raw materials, and create wood finishes etc. Stagehands also look after the ‘housekeeping’ of the building stage, ensuring that the area is clear and remains a safe working environment.

Stagehands also act as a Standby during the shoot, working closely with the Grips, Camera, and Art Department to carry out construction work required e.g. floating walls or ceilings, hanging blacks, VFX drapes and camera tracks etc.

The Bectu Stagehands Logbook Scheme is made up of 12 units and a ScreenSkills level 2 health and safety course. For more information, please see the below rulebook.

The certification and grading are not overseen, managed, or delivered by JIGS. The certification is solely administered and delivered by experienced Stagehand practitioners.

Application forms and queries should be sent to jigs@bectu.org.uk. Or alternatively you can reach us on 0300 600 1878.

BLSS Stagehands Rule book

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Application form

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Please ensure you have read the Rule book and provided all necessary documentation. Application forms can be returned to jigs@bectu.org.uk

Health and Safety Course

Applicants must complete and pass a ScreenSkills approved health and safety Level 2 course through the ‘Production Safety Passport’ (PSP) Scheme. For more information about the PSP Scheme, please see here

Bectu provides an approved Level 2 course: Starting Safely. Bectu members are offered a discounted rate of £10 for the course, with non-members paying £20. To see dates of the next course and book a place, please click here

Other alternative approved courses are:

First Option – Online Risk Awareness (RAW) safety training module – Link

Media Safety Ltd – Intro to Health & Safety in Film & Media Production – Link

The Mark Milsome Foundation – Film and TV Online Safety Passport Course – Link

Safe Elephant – The Safe Sets Started Pack – Link

Rate cards

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