How does JIGS operate?

JIGS is the place for Rigging and SFX H.O.D’s, Construction Managers and Construction Coordinators to come to if seeking the best qualified Riggers and SFX practitioners across the Film and TV Industry to work on productions. Having undertaken formal CITB qualifications and rigorous on the job training, the scheme provides Producers and Directors a guarantee that the most skilled, safe, rigorous and appropriately qualified crew will be engaged on their productions.

Each individual Riggers and SFX member have their skills, working methodologies and qualification overseen by a fully transparent scheme led by leading industry organisations.

Established in 2002 the JIGS board is made up of representatives from BBC, BECTU, ITV and PACT.

The board oversees joint sub-committees in each of the specialist areas and approves the rules of the scheme. These sub-committees make the grading decisions in accordance with the rules of the schemes. Board members of JIGS Ltd. are nominated by the company’s members. Serving Board members at January 2021 are:-

  • BBC – Stuart Page (Safety Adviser)
  • BECTU – Spencer MacDonald (BECTU Official)
  • ITV – Jane Baird (Health & Safety Risk Manager)
  • PACT – Max Rumney (Head of PACT)

The work of the joint sub-committees is informed by recommendations from specialist practitioner committees for each discipline (BECTU SFX Committee and the BECTU Rigging Committee).

Membership of the grading scheme is not conditional upon membership of BECTU or any other trades union but it’s advised to join Bectu and to ensure that you’re always trading with Public Liability Insurance. To join, please visit www.bectu.org.uk

The scheme does not recognise the British Stunts Register to undertake any Wire Rigging work.