How does JIGS operate?

cablesEstablished in 2002 the JIGS board is made up of representatives from BBC, BECTU, ITV and PACT.

The board oversees joint sub-committees in each of the specialist areas and approves the rules of the scheme. These sub-committees make the grading decisions in accordance with the rules of the scheme.

Board members of JIGS Ltd. are nominated by the company’s members. Serving Board members at October 2015 are:-

  • BBC –  Gordon Ronald, Philippa Miles
  • BECTU – Alex Gunn, Spencer MacDonald
  • ITV – Ruth Denyer
  • PACT – Max Rumney

The work of the joint sub-committees is informed by recommendations from specialist practitioner committees for each discipline (BECTU SFX Committee and the BECTU Rigging committee).

Membership of the grading scheme is not conditional upon membership of BECTU or any other trades union.

Picture: Logan Antill.