Stunt Performers & Co-Ordinators

The Joint Industry Stunt Committee (JISC) was established to administer a recognised career structure for Stunt Performers and Co-ordinators in the UK. The group is made up of representatives from the Stunt Community as well as representatives from Production Companies. The main purpose of the JISC is to ensure the highest standard in both stunt performances and safety.  More information on the JISC can be seen on the Equity website.

JISC publishes a Register of Stunt Coordinators and Performers. To appear in the Register a member must be able to demonstrate competencies in Health and Safety as well as stunt performance skills. Individuals recognised on the JISC Register must abide by rules approved by JIGS and administered by JISC.

The register is split into 3 categories of membership:

  • Probationary Member – may only work as stunt performers under the supervision of a Full Member of the Register
  • Intermediate Member –must have successfully completed the probationary period after which they may work on their own without supervision where they are the only person involved in the stunt. They may not supervise other stunt performers or actors.
  • Full Member – must have successfully completed the intermediate stage of the register and are considered to be experienced stunt performers who may act as stunt co-ordinators

The categories build on experience and competence so that it is clear which members have the skills to perform in different situations. To move up in the register a member must prove they have been working in the industry and taken on a variety of work. The JISC peer-reviews the submitted work to ensure that the standards have been achieved.

The JISC is currently looking at developing Health and Safety courses for the members so that they have a good understand of Health and Safety Law and their role.

Picture: Vincent Teeuwen.