Riggers & Scaffolders

For the last 20 years riggers and scaffolders have achieved their core training through the SITAC scheme, which has delivered an exceptional record on safety within the workplace. Consequently this structured independent training has helped us maintain a professional and competent workforce within the film and entertainment industry.

Riggers have always appreciated the work they are given within this industry and take a tremendous amount of pride in seeing any production become a great success.  The original SITAC scheme is now integrated into JIGS.

Riggers/Scaffolders are responsible for erecting and dismantling rigs on film and entertainment productions. The job may involve building a variety of structures, ranging from small platforms to huge constructions. Riggers are responsible for erecting and dismantling basic access and support scaffolding, such as independent birdcage scaffolds, scaffold towers and hung scaffolds.

Riggers are responsible for installing lifting and suspension apparatus, such as wire and fibre ropes, chains and slings, winches and pulley blocks and for installing powered hoists to access and transfer loads, to operate powered tools and equipment.

Riggers must adhere strictly to the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation and procedures. Riggers are responsible for knowing when to use a safety harness for their own protection, showing competence in inspecting and maintaining the integrity and security of rigging and scaffolding, and  establishing a safe working environment.

Riggers may be graded in any of the following job titles:

  • Trainee, Basic or Advanced Riggers
  • Standby Riggers
  • Electrical Riggers
  • Special Effect Riggers
  • Flying  Riggers

To request application forms and other documents please either:-

  • Write to: Tony Norton, Joint Specialist Riggers Grading Scheme, c/o BECTU, 373-377 Clapham Road, London SW9 9BT;
  • or email Marcelle Davis at mdavis@bectu.org.uk

You can find a list of JIGS accredited graded Riggers here.

Picture credit: P.A.H.