Getting accredited

A guide for the individual

Employers need to satisfy themselves that the people they engage are competent to carry out the work they want done safely.

Membership of a grading scheme can provide confidence to the employer when selecting people.  However they may also require you to go through other ‘pre-vetting’ checks and there remains a requirement for you to ensure that you are capable of undertaking the specific activity for them.

Membership of a grading scheme can also give the individual confidence as it provides an objective measure of their capabilities to carry out their specialist work safely and helps them define the boundaries of what they are, and are not, ready to do.

Each of the JIGS grading schemes requires the development of a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate an individual’s ability to carry out work to the required safety standard.  This portfolio is subject to review by specialists already active in the discipline and employer representatives to ensure it satisfies the requirements of the scheme.

You can find out more about being accredited in specific skill areas by following these links: Special Effects (including pyrotechnics), Riggers and scaffolders,  and other competent schemes including those covering grips and crane technicians.